Senior of the Week: Kyra Stief


Senior Kyra Stief

Zoeie McKnight, Student Life Writer

Ahh Kyra Stief. An athlete who received the All-Section award in soccer for all 4 years of high school. Not only is she an amazing athlete, but she’s also a great person. Kyra is someone who gets along with everybody. She’s got a great sense of humor, she doesn’t get involved in drama, she’s there when you need her or if you don’t need her at all. And that’s only a few of the many admirable qualities that she has. I feel so lucky to have gotten closer to her even though it’s going to make her graduation even harder to get through.

ZM: How has your senior year been so far? Senioritis?

KS: It’s been good. Way better than my junior year. I do have senioritis especially because of the amount of work that I’m given and how it’s become a lot harder as well.

ZM: Is there anything specific that is helping you get through senior year? Friends? Teachers? Specific place?

KS: The only thing really is college. I just want to be done with high school and my biggest motivation to get through it is going to college next year.

ZM: Your graduating class is known as the “closest class”, how do you think you guys were able to become like that? Any advice for other classes?

KS: I don’t really know, we just all love each other. I don’t think we became close because I think we were close. We don’t have a lot of drama and if we do, it usually gets resolved fast. My advice for other classes is to just be loving. If your graduating class loves each other, I feel like it’s a big motivation to help get you through school. That’s how my experience has been at least.

ZM: You’ve played soccer for almost your whole life, why have you decided not to play in college?

KS: In college, I want to focus more on my major and school. I also don’t really see soccer in my future even though it’s been my life. One thing that I am looking forward to is having a lot of free time.

ZM: If you get voted for a yearbook superlative, what do you hope it’s for?

KS: Coolest Person Ever

ZM: Lastly, what is your favorite memory with the class of 2020?

KS: It’s got to be sliding down the stairs on tables.

As of right now, Kyra has been accepted to Seton Hill, Westminster, Wooster, Chatham, and Temple. She is mentally committed to Chatham. Kyra played soccer for USO for 4 years and was captain her senior year. Along with soccer, Kyra joined YAG for 2 months but then quit because “yag sucks”, which I can agree with. She does wish that she had joined more clubs in high school to branch out a little more and to have met people from other grades. The reason I know Kyra so well is because of soccer. Kyra also would like everyone to know that her favorite color is green and that her dog Cupp is way cuter than Ms. Dirling’s dog.