Crawford’s Corner: Giving Thanks to Teachers

Don Crawford

As I sit in class I realize that I am one of the main talkers but that doesn’t mean I don’t listen to other peoples’ opinions on things. I often hear people —students in particular– talk about some classes and criticize teachers on the way they teach and I tend to do this sometimes, too.

But I always wonder what it means to be a good teacher and what my class would be like if I was in charge. Would it be beneficial to the students?

I can first say off the top of my head that if I was going to be a teacher, I would model myself off of great teachers I’ve had like ,Mr.Kocur, Mr. Denlinger, Mr.Reid, Mr.Copich, Mr.Bartello, Mr. Singleton and lastly, even Mrs. Stovash.All these teachers make learning fun for me. I know it’s not because I like the subjects they teach because I never found them this interesting before.

One of the things that I admire in these teachers is that they make learning fun while having control of their classes at the same time. These teachers make students eager to come back to class the next day and want to learn more because they make things more interesting.

-Mrs.Stovash may not know it but one of the things I admire in her is that while she is a great teacher, it doesn’t seem like it to students because of the   work and discipline, but this is just preparing us for our adult lives.

-Mr. Kocur is another one of my favorite teachers, I can’t imagine any student in the world who dislikes him or his class but I could imagine and know that every student who he taught loves him and his class.

– I also admire Mr. Copich for making his class fun and math a great hobby because of his funny math jokes and point of view on his subject, how it could be a game and many other fun things you wouldn’t have ever thought about.

-I can’t sit back and forget about three great teachers: Mr.Denlinger a very funny teacher who cracks jokes in class just to keep you motivated, happy, and to make you have a good and better day. Mr.Bartello is another one of these great teachers because after having a ridiculous amount of subs he stepped in and took the job, making biology fun starting with his cool science riddles at the beginning of class to having fun while learning great things about science in the lab. And Mr. Singleton, my favorite teacher in middle school; he is a great teacher. I had him in 6th and 7th grade, and  he kept you awake and listening and gave you a chance every class to do better if you were being disruptive. In seventh grade Mr. Singleton kept me motivated in his class and all my others and I really thank him for everything he taught me because I am able to apply the skills he taught me now.

-Finally Mr. Reid, a great civics teacher who puts knowledge into your mind and makes you step up to the challenge. He makes class fun, whether it’s his introduction when he says “Good afternoon class”, a greeting that makes students ready to learn, to his funny use of words or current event quizzes.

All these teachers have something special in them that they bring to the classroom, and as I said, if I were to be a teacher I would model my teaching skills after these great teachers. I would lastly want to say thank you, thank you for being the great teacher that you are and making me the great students that we are.