Rachael Deis: What’s Up With….The Election?

Rachael Deis

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Every high school deserves to have reunions, proms,  sports, dances and fun activities/trips.

However, having nice things for our school takes hard work, and with that great effort come hard working people, When choosing class officers, you really must keep this thought in mind. It’s not about voting for who you like, but who you think will represent our class as the intelligent, persevering student body we are. A leader should not only know the way, but go the way, as well.

This year’s 11th grad class officer candidates:


Rachael Deis

Jackie Clarke

Lewis Pell

Elizabeth Eckstrand

Vice President:

Naomi Risher

Leeza Tokarski

Kenya Finn

Tayaunna Jackson


Gina Wilson

Brittani Evans-Conner


Asia Millender

Tiffany Ralston

Daniel Kusbit

Joe Howell

Simply put, we have some great candidates running for office, including myself. I strongly urge all students to take this election seriously. After all, we aren’t a circus, and we don’t need any clowns trying to represent our school.

Next week, each candidate will make their presentations. Listen and reflect, and above all, choose wisely.

Vote. The choice is yours.

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