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Donovan Petri

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 “The best part about music is, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” _ Bob Marley

 Kids and their dreams

 You know I always see kids saying they are amazing rappers and that their freestyle skills are so much better than anyone else. But I never see them prove it. Sure I see you rapping when you can for your peers, and making licks in the classroom but you and a few other people are the only kids who know that you are good. Does that seem fair? I wonder if kids are just scared to actually play gigs or if they don’t know just how much Pittsburgh has to offer.

 Just what your missing

 Just tell me, how many of you have herd names like Purge or Zubat and the Bees Knees? Well these are two Pittsburgh local bands, they are also all students. Pittsburgh has so many places were kids hold shows for Pittsburgh local bands. Places like Mr. Smalls Theater and the Garfield art works. And you can so see these bands play for about $5. I remember last month I went to a $2 show in the Capa Theater were Purge, Isaiah Ross and the Psycadelic Duo, Wife Beaters, and one other band that I forget, an epic moshpit, $1 food and drink, and bunch of friends.

 How many of you know that we actually have a few kids playing in bands at our own school? You guys know that kid Yoav? He is the bassist of The Panoramic Eye; and I am in a few band projects to! I am the guitarist and vocalist of our band Running in the Rye and a few of my other friends want me to do vocals for their band. It’s a great experience to be on stage and get paid for it. I think it’s better then paying $20 to go see H.O.D play. No offence to H.O.D because I bet they are a pretty good group and all, but I don’t think any band is worth $20 to see alone. 

 Isaiah Ross is a local Pittsburgh rapper. He has been making beats since he was just a little kid. His group Isaiah Ross and the Psycadelic Duo is fairly new on the scene, but he was jamming with The Pheromones Underground since his first song “take 5”. He is now backed up by his bassist, Unique “lulu” Lawrence, and his drummer, Julio. While I was talking with him downtown once I told him a bet in the shower he just finds words that rhyme and that’s why he is able to freestyle so well. Well, much to my surprise, that was the case. Now, to me, that is what makes a musician like him stand out in a crowd. Now, I’m not sure if the purpose of this column was to educate you about the Pittsburgh music scene, or to convince you ‘back of the classroom’ rappers, or ‘hidden guitarists’ to break away and actually try to form a band and make some money by doing something that you love. But, whatever the case, you should definitely spend that five bucks and buy a ticket to the next Mr. Smalls show.

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