Pierotti’s Point–Pittsburghers appreciate the coming of spring

Pierottis Point--Pittsburghers appreciate the coming of spring

Cathy Pierotti

“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush,” said an eleventh grader. Nothing can beat warm weather, but what are some of the best things about spring that make us feel better and more alive than winter? Spring is a very big season to Pittsburgh citizens, but what makes spring so big? I went around the area asking young and old Pittsburgh citizens about what makes spring so tremendous. One man had said, “Just the weather in general,” and Ms. Ralston said, “The sound of rain.” Adam Brown, a local Pittsburgh Citizen, had said, “Fishing with my daughter,” and even another man said, “Fishing with my kids.” Most of these things are dealing with outside activities, but when I interviewed a younger group they had a total different perception of what spring means. “Guys with no shirts,” said one girl. “Girls with short skirts on,” said a young boy.

Though we may have different perspectives what else is better than wearing no shirts, or fishing? In late spring, in the Strip District every weekend there is a international farmers market; with Italian, German, Polish, Austrian, Greek food and much more. The market is kids friendly, and at one point they reopen during Christmas and let kids sit on Santa Claus’s lap. Also, in early May there is a big Asian festival, celebrating different activities, foods, and designs in the Asian culture. Another big festival is the Art Festival by the point. The Art Festival is something that any person at any age can look forward too. They have art crafts for kids, a music show, and even a small acrobatic act. For adults, if your house is empty or bare your problems are solved; artists are selling there very own art work. Also if you’re a woman, and you have no jewelry there is also homemade jewelry. Another festival, that is a complete favorite for anyone, is the May Rib Fest. All competitors from around the United States come straight to Pittsburgh with winning backgrounds for famous barbeque and cook straight from the scratch; whether it’s pulled pork, smoked kielbasa, or a rack of ribs.

Spring, a time of gathering, has finally arrived for all citizens of Pittsburgh, and visitors. So if you’re trying to break out of the winter blues, get ready, because Pittsburgh’s spring is springing in to action.