Caz’s Column–The organization of organization


Lewis 'Caz' Tidrick

“All advice is autobiographical.”

The Organization of Organization

            Anyone who has ever looked in my book bag knows that it is completely unorganized. Every few months I clean out my book bag and say “okay, it’s going to stay this way for once.” But then within a week I’m shoving papers in my bag and pulling them back out all wrinkled and weird. Mostly, I never think twice about it. But sometimes…just sometimes you need to organize a way to keep your things organized; the organization of organization.

How I Keep Organized

            Well I wouldn’t exactly be the best person to ask about organization, but I know how to when it matters. There are certain things that I know how to keep neat and clean. Comic books, UU-things, and the many, many word documents on my computer all are things that I can keep organized and neat.

            Usually I try to put things in certain spots (i.e. Comic books in alphabetical order on my shelves, UU-things printed out in a folder at home, word docs on my netbook saved in folders according to their subject, etc.). I love keeping my comics safe and organized because they mean a lot to me. I aspire to become a comic book writer for DC eventually and to do so, I’m sure would require having some comics in my collection. The way I keep them organized is by putting them on shelves that I bought from Target.
            I keep all UU-things that I may ever need, printed out in a folder at home. It’s like a file system. I print something out that I may need for a CON or other UU event and that’s where I put it until I may need it again.

            I keep all of my word docs on my computer saved in folders. I have eight folders on my desktop; PK Comics, PYCA, Comic Covers, Writing (Stories or Ideas for Stories), Journalism, Music, Blog Images and Stuff, and Clean-Up. PYCA being where I usually tend to put my UU-themed stuff that I haven’t printed out, Comic covers being where I save anything UU-related, Music being where I save my music files, and so on and so forth.

Back to the Book Bag

            I think this is a rather effective system, as it is easy for me to find the things I need quickly and easily. Now I just wish I could organize my book bag better. If I could, I would probably be able to have A’s and B’s in all my classes. I continuously wonder how to do so. I’m still working on it and I hope it will work out for me in the end.