Does music influence our actions?

Does music influence our actions?

Jada McClain Ellis, Jazmine Lindsey, Kionna Woods

          “Today’s Music and Today’s Youth”

          Music is everywhere, if it’s not on the radio then someone is carrying around an iPod-listening on the go. Music plays a big part in teen lives today, but the big question is ‘Does today’s music really influence teen behavior?’ Many teens today listen to lyrics that are degrading to females, violent, and disrespectful.

We interviewed Schenley’s school psychology teacher Mrs. Kiesel to see if she could give us her opinion on the topic. After asking her the big question, she stated that she does feel that music has a big impact on the youth. She also revealed that “Some research shows that music highly influences mood regulation” She also shared with us that she thinks the influence today is more good than bad, but in some genres of music the lyrics are offensive. Many people would likely disagree with her.

When we talked to our parents, they stated that most of these violent and horrifying lyrics have a big impact on the lives of the youth.  They feel that the young teens imitate what they hear because they think it would be cool to act like the famous people that they listen to.

So the question remains, does music have an impact on the way people act. If you’re wondering, maybe you should try an experiment one day. Go for a few free hours without the music you listen to. After a little while, reflect on how you have been acting and feeling. Has there been any difference?