Petri–Things I think I think…The end of a brief era (Life is a series of hello’s and goodbye’s)

Donovan Petri

As the year comes to a close, I see students crowding the linoleum halls and gossiping about what they are going to do this summer. Me and my friends join them in this activity, but mainly because they can’t wait for me to be at their school next year. Others can’t believe I’m leaving.

Summer is just around the corner and to be honest, I’m scared to death. I have attended the IB school since 6th grade, when I was talked into coming. I have dreamed about going to CAPA since the day I got into IB, and now finally that that dream has come true, but I just can’t picture myself going through its halls.

But it’s too late to back down. Summer (the last beacon of freedom before the sophomore year) may come as my final hoorah, my coup de gras, and after that it will be a lonely walk to downtown Pittsburgh, where I will spend the next 3 years of my life.

Now I know I always say how I can’t wait to go, and how this school is just horrible, but to be honest I’m going to miss it. I’m going to miss all the great people I met, all the teachers I loved, and most of all, I’m going to miss this class. I hope next year Mr. Kocur will still let me e-mail him articles, and columns and stuff, I don’t need anything in return, I just want to write.

Lunch was a lighthouse in my dark days, sitting with my friends, talking about the most random stuff, being on top of the world. I’m not going to have anything like that next year. But I can’t say that I’m going to miss the IB completely…60 hours of SAC? Down the drain! Overly complicated work? No way! A too strict set of school rules? Ha-ha, yeah we still have those. But I won’t be able to take Japanese class there, and that comes as shock to me. Next year I will be forced to take Spanish or French. I guess I’ll take French since it is the language of love, I took it for a little in elementary school, and it seems like a cool country.

Spanish is the language of elementary school kids and I can’t really use that later on. This transition of translation seems to be apparent in my LB class, seeing he doesn’t really blame me for not trying anymore. He just says I’ll be gone next year anyway but I should still do my work so I don’t fail. That kinda makes me sad.

So next year will be a new chapter in my life, A new painting on the wall, a new nail in my coffin. I’m sure Schenley, Obama, and IB will all be part of the things I write next year. Especially the people, and the teachers. I already have characters based on some of you, and they are in some of the things I write to this day. So next year will be new, it will be a change, it may be one of the most challenging things I will ever do. But I’m ready, and I’m not doing this alone, I do have friends there, they are ready to take me with open arms…and I’m ready to grab on.