Grinding her gears: modern music

Grinding her gears: modern music

Aziaha Robinson, The Eagle Senior Writer

You know what really grinds my gears?  Today’s music.  It seems as though our music has become filled with less creativity, and more nonsense for the past decade or so, and it continues to get worse.

Don’t get me wrong; not all modern music is total crap. I have my favorites just like everybody else.  However, the quality of work most of these so-called “artists” currently make is corny. Let’s be honest; over half of the music we listen to is absolutely horrible.  Here’s why.)

Our generation doesn’t seem to appreciate good music.  Put on a throwback from the 80’s or 90’s and hear nothing but crickets, but put on a song with a catchy tune, remedial lyrics (that my baby sister can pronounce), a nice beat, and a lot of bass, and we seem to believe that whoever made it is a pure genius! Nowadays anyone can be a famous “artist” by doing nothing more than creating a song that they think the public might want to hear. The problem is that we as a generation actually respond to that crappy noise in a positive way.  It doesn’t make any sense. Why are our expectations so low? Our generation is so easy to please when it comes to music, it’s ridiculous. What happened to the lyrics? What happened to the quality? What happened to the talent? What happened to the MUSIC?!

I may have an old soul, and would prefer to listen to “old school” music rather than the loud, mainstream music that kids my age find so entertaining, but I’m not completely against new music. Like I said, I have my favorites too and I like new music just fine when one of the few good artists of today decide to take us out of our musically challenged funk and create a song that actually pertains to something other than materialistic objects, violence, or sex. Unfortunately this really doesn’t happen enough, and there are actually more corny tunes out there than quality songs.  This leads me to believe that I am in fact correct.

Some may say “You’re just not looking hard enough; you have to explore ALL kinds of music before you write off the entire generation of music.” I completely agree with that statement, and I do look hard. When it comes to music I make sure I have my favorite styles, but I listen to it all.  I even pride myself on my ability to identify good music whether it’s new or old, country or rap. But you can’t take my word for it.  You have to pay attention to music yourself.