Modern education and school lunches: not the best of times

Yoka Rooney, The Eagle Staff Reporter

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Education Today…Really?-

Honestly,  an education today is almost exactly the same as it was back in the 1800’s. You’d think they would have wanted to change it up a little in a span of 200 years.

Of course some minor changes have happened or are currently underway, for example the IB program. The IB program is somewhat of an improvement, a lot more interactive, and gets students more involved than usual. But it’s still not enough.

When education was founded it was made for the working era, which basically said that once you finished school you were guaranteed a job. And at these schools they’d teach you all the basics of math, reading and writing.

Unfortunately in this new era, today, we are not guaranteed a job if we finish school. And to add onto that, the kids are not motivated to work. The teachers and parents who raise these kids are reprimanding them for getting distracted with all these new innovations like IPod’s, TV, computers, etc. which were not present back then, and we wonder why kids think school is boring.


School Lunches….or naw

The school lunches provided for us are absolutely disgusting. If they’re going to give us food that’s extremely unhealthy for us, then at least make it taste good. If I’m paying two dollars for a crappy lunch it better taste bomb! I know that my money isn’t going towards the school lunches either because if it was, the food would taste a lot better. Kids literally don’t eat lunch because they’d rather be hungry than eat what the lunch ladies serve us. Some of us remember the times in Frick when we had a line where we could buy wraps which not only were healthy but tasted really good! I think this would not only promote our healthy outlook, but more kids would want to buy a lunch. Maybe if we get a wrap line then kids could actually get a lunch to keep them going through the day.

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