Robert’s Simple Observations: Obama–Pittsburgh’s best high school

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There is always the question what is the best high school? Students will always claim that their school is better than others, but this is a student who wants to really look for the true winner. I plan on looking at what I believe to be the four major areas of judgment, theater, athletics, test scores, and future opportunities. I am limiting this topic to onlyPittsburghPublic Schools and I promise to be as unbiased as possible.

First theater, the theater department is judged yearly on their spring musicals in the Gene Kelly awards. You would think that CAPA would of course have the best theater department being a school for the creative arts, but this isn’t the truth. CAPA doesn’t win many Kelly awards, unlike the famed Schenley/ Obama theater department which has one the most important award, best show, for 5 years straight. They have run against only private schools for this award; not a single other public school could compete with Schenley/Obama and so with this I have to say that they have the best theater department.

Second athletics, obviously athletics are based around competing against each other for a championship title but who wins the most of these championships and who is always so close but they almost never reach it. Well, when sports are the subject Allderdice and Schenley/Obama are always included. More, than any other two schools they meet regularly at champs and both win often the sports are usually split 50/50 but in more recent years Allderdice has conquered Schenley/Obama in most sports and so I have to call them the winner.

Third test scores, test scores is basically how schools look like on paper. Not many students actually know the answer to, “Who has the best test scores?” and in turn everyone claims this as their one of their school’s great properties, but truthfully it is CAPA. Schenley/Obama is in second but it isn’t a close second, CAPA has the best test scores by a landslide.

The last, but surely not least piece of criterion is future opportunities that are a part of the education our school provides. Now we all know how CAPA sets up students with artistic careers right out of the gate and is a good school where colleges are concerned but then there is the IB at Schenley/Obama. Not many people know what IB is but it is just like AP classes, passing IB classes gets you college credits. If you get enough of these credits you may have the ability to even skip your freshmen year in college. This can save you thousands of dollars, also since IB is a very rigorous course their credits are looked at quite highly among colleges so it’s much easier to get accepted and Schenley/Obama is the only school in Pittsburgh that is IB. So the way I look at it, CAPA is definitely good at getting  you into college but Schenley/Obama gets you in and pays. So, Schenley/Obama wins.

Schenley/Obama is the winner of best school in my eyes. They have the best theater department, the best future opportunities, and what they didn’t win they came in second for. Some people might say that this of course would be the result due to my academic origin but I promise you I tried to look at this very neutrally.

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