Beta club: a great way to help others

Dezarae Parker, The Eagle Staff Writer

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Barack Obama International Studies Academy has a service based organization that is specifically designed to help others. That program is run by Mr. McGuire, and it is called the BETA club. The induction for the program is in May. In order for students to become a part of this organization, they must maintain a GPA of at least a 3.5 and have high citizenship marks. It is a very beneficial program and can help the students build up their resume and it ties together the Community and Service portion of the IBMYP program. It also helps others realize that our school isn’t selfish and we care about others who are less fortunate.

McGuire explained that some of the projects and ideas the BETA committee came up with in order to raise money for an organization called the Caring Place and The American Heart Association are:

  • Selling concessions during the basketball games
  • Putting a “Donation Jar” next to the lunchroom registers
  • Sell tickets for chances to win a gift card
  • Have a bake sell
  • Buy chances to get a piece of duck tape and duck tape a teacher to a wall
  • Have students pay a dollar to listen to their headphones at lunch
  • Promote a student vs. faculty basketball game
  • To sell “Walking Tacos”
  • Allow students on “Hat Day” and “Pajama Day” to wear those items with the cost of $1
  • Selling Candy Grams
  • Participating in Pennies For Patients

Mr.McGuire made the BETA Club sound like a fun way to do a great deal of good for others. See him for details about how you can get involved.