Christmas 2012: Of the economy, travel and the meaning of the season

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Marcus Motley


                “Tis the season to be jolly”, but is it really jolly if you’re snowed in and can’t shovel your way out. How can we see our family and friends if the roads are too bad for cars to drive on and the snow is 3 ft. high on the sidewalks?

                Let’s face it, we’re going through some hard times, and we need to figure out how to get through it. On the brighter side of the red nosed reindeer, people have found ways to happily slide through the holidays. Personally, I think the economy isn’t that bad! Think about it, the only time we hear about horrible things during the holiday season is when snow storms affect airlines. I know the song says, “jingle all the way”, but you don’t have to “jingle all the way” from New York to Florida right before the holidays! Plan ahead so you don’t get stuck in a situation like that.

                Gift giving only gets affected if you mail the gift to your families. Honestly, you should only mail gifts if you’re living in a different state. If you live a couple blocks away and still try to mail your gifts to your family, that’s just being lazy and stupid! Everybody that I know who goes to their family’s house by car always gets there eventually. It’s not like they’re going to get halfway there and turn around.

                The economy isn’t so bad that people can’t give gifts, so don’t try to use that as an excuse. It’s harder than it used to be, but it can be done. “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”


Kiotta Jones-Gary


My Christmas tradition begins with putting up the Christmas tree, drinking eggnog, eating the special Christmas food, and also giving gifts to the special people in my life. But what do holidays really mean?

Well, let me tell you.

 There are many holidays where people like to express themselves differently. But the most special holiday that I believe, is Christmas! Christmas was a special time when the son of Christ was born, and even the word itself has a very strong meaning.

How and what people like us, what can we do to make this holiday seem more peaceful

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