Kaleigh on: Christmas trees

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                If you happen to celebrate Christmas, chances are you set up a tree every year. With modern technology nowadays, the options are seemingly endless. There’s your traditional tree-live, evergreen, and pine-smelling; there’s artificial trees that look the same but never die but lack the pleasant pine smell; after that, things start to get fancy. Some Christmas trees are made up solely of those tiny lights. These are usually outdoor decorations, and take their place along twinkly reindeer and Santa’s in the front yard.

White Christmas trees go both indoors and outdoors. Usually when outdoors, they don’t have decorations, but when inside they can be decorated to look just like a regular tree – and these can make very nice replacements. However, the frosty looking needles might not add the same warm atmosphere to a room, so some people don’t like them.

Made of the same material as both green and white artificial trees, pink Christmas trees – and yes, they do exist – are rarely if ever used in homes. They are usually used in malls because of their flashy, commercial look that fits the color scheme of clothing stores or candy shops;  however they just don’t belong in a home.

A species of tree that probably doesn’t belong anywhere are fiber-optic Christmas trees. These ones are hard to describe. Their “needles” are longer and made of clear plastic. At the end of each needle is a tiny colored light, and these lights can be any color, and usually are set to change every so often. One can only imagine what that would look like in a living room covered in ornaments. Fiber-optics are strictly commercial as well, unless they are being used for disco parties.

Those are only five of a large variety of Christmas trees that have been invented. There are many more types, gradually getting more and more bizarre. They come in a plethora of color and can be made of almost anything, and if it can be made, it probably has.

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