Caz’s Column: Public schools aren’t that bad, but…

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I’m not a fan of public school, let me just say that now. I think that it doesn’t work. Some aspects of it are good, like the human interaction and the fact that it forces you to get out of the house. But at the same time, there are many negatives, like the fact that there aren’t many technology-based classes despite the fact that our generation is more technologically savvy than any other generation in history.

Personally, I learn better from the computer/internet. One example that I have in particular, is in eighth grade, my science teacher tried to teach me. He told me several different ways of thinking about it, but none of it made sense to me. So I went home and looked it up on the internet and figured it out. It made so much more sense to me.

I do not take good notes in a paper notebook however I write much better notes on the computer. I just can’t focus, my hand cramps, and it is just all around frustrating when writing in a notebook. I always use technology whenever I can.  Also, I do not work well in a normal classroom environment. I don’t like the student/teacher interactions (most of the time) and I don’t like the fact that in some classes the entire class is being held behind by a few select people. It’s awful.

US History is one example of a class that we tend to not get very far in because of students. We have random outbursts all the time, and it typically distracts from the learning and in many cases it is an outburst over things that should be common knowledge. I find it frustrating because I know US History very well (especially the war history) and so I wish that I could choose the historical events we learn about rather than basically touching on it once or twice.

Teachers tend to not have enough time for all their students in every class period. 40 minutes is not enough time for a teacher to explain a topic and answer any questions that students have. Sure, some subjects are easier than others to learn, but typically it would be hard.

I’m not saying that we need more time in the school day or longer periods or anything like that, but I think that some kind of situation needs to be worked out for better teacher/student interaction.

As for classes, I think that several are useless. I do not see how I am going to need the square root of 5 when x equals q. Or what the molecular mass of five oxygen and six potassium molecules are. Those are the kind of things we are learning in school. It is not going to help me. And as for electives, why should we raise budgets for the football team, theatre or music when we’re cutting more interesting classes like art, film, and psychology. Outside of school, I can take classes on any subject I want to. Inside of school, I have to take specific classes. It’s rather ridiculous.

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