Sophia Kachur: Who is Gary Johnson, and why is he running for President?

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Sophia Kachur

Gary Johnson

This year, the presidential race is tight; Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are now neck and neck. Everyone wants to know who’s in the lead, Obama or Romney? But, while we’re swept up in the polls and debates of these candidates, we’re forgetting about the others, specifically, Gary Johnson.

Gary Johnson is a 59 year old, Libertarian. He announced he was running for president on April 21, 2011, under the Republican Party. Since he was excluded from the majority of the crucial, presidential nominee debates, he withdrew from his Republican title. With no surprise, because of his Libertarian based platform, he joined the Libertarian Party.  Gary went on to win the party’s nomination to be the representative presidential nominee. Now, he is voraciously campaigning with his running mate, Judge James Gray of California, to try to catch up to Mitt and Barack.

Before running for president, Gary Johnson was the founder of Big J Enterprises. This construction company is one of the biggest in New Mexico. According to online information, Gary built his company up from a door-to-door handyman job. When he was 17, he started doing odd jobs in his neighborhood, and as you can see, it has grown into a statewide operation. Besides founding his own construction company, Gary was also the Governor of New Mexico. Gary was elected as Governor from 1994-1998, two terms. At that time, the law stating that a governor could serve two terms had just been established in New Mexico, and right away, Mr. Johnson was employed for the maximum amount of time. He was able to reduce the government’s size in his state, reduce the debt, and create a surplus in budget by over $1 million. Overall, he left a pretty good impression on New Mexico, but what we really need to know, is what Mr. Gary Johnson wants to do.

As a Libertarian, Gary is against foreign war, and has a philosophy of a smaller government and limited military. Johnson believes that military spending should be cut by 43%. He wants to diminish overseas bases, nuclear weapons research, and both civilian and uniformed personnel. He also would like to try to moderate foreign wars, but if one does become initiated, would not lead the U.S army into it. Besides cuts in military spending, he also would like some civil liberties to be respected. Gary supports gay marriage, and believes it should become legal. He would make sure, that, as president, censorship of the internet would not happen, and that Planned Parenthood wouldn’t be eradicated.  He would not force his opinions on pregnant women. Gary Johnson would like to cut government spending and its impact on America. He supports the freedom of opinion, and is against war.

To learn more about this candidate, you can find many of his websites and information about him by just searching “Gary Johnson” on Google or Yahoo.

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