Editorial: Vote for President Obama, the most qualified candidate


Joel Macklin, The Eagle Executive Editor

Over the past two years The Eagle has been showcasing our student political and social point of interest via published articles. However in heat of this most important presidential election the senior editorial staff of The Eagle has come to the informed decision that President Barack Obama is the better candidate and has earned another four year term as President of the United States.

There are many reasons why we as an editorial staff have come to this reasoning. However some of the most persuasive arguments are delivered from our female editors who are appalled at (former) Governor Mitt Romney’s perspective on women’s rights. In the second presidential debate, Romney said, “…they brought us binders full of women.” This statement has become a spring-board for anti-Romney supporters to justify his perceived out of touch persona. Even if one were to agree that the comment was taken out of context, Mr. Romney still shows that his approaches with solving problems regarding women’s rights is lacking. He gave no other reasoning during the debate of why he formulated his views on hiring of women and others that are not white-men to senior level government positions. The fact that Mr. Romney delivered this statement with no other justification is unbelievable, especially for the man, if elected, will be making the decisions on who gets appointed in the most senior and sensitive roles of federal government and who will be representing us abroad. Would he have his “binders full of women”?

Eagle editors Shelby Cambell, Caz Tidrick, Cathy Pierotti, and Sarah Parker agree that both candidates dealing with and knowledge of the country’s economic bill’s is a large factor of evaluating which man should be chosen as the next President.  Shelby says that you can tell what will happen with the economy between the candidates by watching the presidential debates. Mr. Romney never gave a clear-definitive plan that he has for the economy except his “5 point plan” but he never goes into true specifics on how this plan will work. We believe Mr. Obama and Romney both want to get the economy back on track, reduce the unemployment rate, and make our nation self-sufficient in terms of energy production and more exporting. But the proposed manner in creating this self-sufficiency is a true divide between the candidates. To solve our energy crisis Mr. Romney and many republicans think that we can drill our way out of the energy crisis while Mr. Obama is moving towards eco-friendly energy such as solar energy and windmills. When it comes to jobs the President has been partially lacking because the decrease rate for unemployment is plateauing at 8% but from a high of almost 12% a few years ago. However Mr. Romney still isn’t sounding job friendly, in our opinion either. During the first presidential debate Mr. Romney says he is going to create many new jobs in office but how is our question?  Mr. Romney also talked about cutting many solid federal programs and funding to non-government organizations such as the Public Broadcasting Systems (PBS); the home of beloved “Big-Bird”.  As background Mr. Romney’s 5 part plan is basically getting the US energy independent, new trade deals with China—with China following the rules, better education and debt reduction programs; and lastly, championing small business growth by repealing President Obama’s national healthcare reform measures. Mr. Romney’s basic fiscal plans supplemented by other ideas are not squaring with his proposed budget blue-print. Mr. Romney stated he would provide up-wards of  $700million into the military budget when according to many political experts and the President, the leaders of the department of defense  are not requesting the money. Mr. Romney continued by stating he will be reducing the size of the government by cutting needed social programs as mentioned earlier. This should be no surprise—reducing the size of government—because this is how Mr. Romney made his fortune as founder of Bain Capital.  Bain Capital reaped millions for themselves and their investors by investing and taking a majority or out-right ownership, loading the company up with debt (yes, that “evil debt” that most republican politicians are so much against) then laying-off many of the employees and selling the pieces of a company at large prices.  It is an irony that Mr. Romney is portraying the role of champion of the small business man when he himself was one of the leading proponents of creating large corporations such as Staples and many others.

Finally healthcare is an extremely controversial topic in this country.  In our system of politics one of the most debated issues surrounds the right to a legal abortion, and how our country should approach the concept. Although the legendary case of Roe v. Wade was decided by the United States Supreme Court nearly three decades ago, the case established a women’s right to choice, however there are still radicals out there who want to bring their own religious perspective into this settled case-law and have been fighting for years via republican candidates to over-turn this law via appointment of new Supreme Court Justices. Eagle editor Shelby feels that the debate over abortion shouldn’t be pro-life or pro-choice but instead pro-survival. Pro-survival in her view is something similar to pro-choice but it has a more conservative flavor that should make it appealing to both sides of the abortion issue. Yet the idea of having an abortion depending on the situation a baby is born under is not a key to any of the discussions. Other members of our editorial staff are of the attitude that if Mr. Romney win’s he would bring too much of his religious beliefs into the picture, which would really create conflict on topics like contraceptives and funding for Planned Parenthood. Another heated issue in the healthcare discussions is on what to do with the President’s affordable healthcare law, AKA “Obamacare”, Medicaid, and Medicare. Thankfully not many politicians from either party are trying to repeal the long established and proven Medicaid and Medicaid programs. The loss of these two vital health programs would directly hurt many elderly and low income families under the Medicaid provision and supplement others (rich or poor) under the Medicare provisions. However there is one person who is outspoken on changing or even getting rid of these programs, Congressman Paul Ryan, Romney’s vice presidential running mate.  Mr. Ryan’s proposals to these programs are so “shocking” that during a speech to senior citizens at an AARP event he was booed by the majority of the senior audience. He will have the ear of president Romney. It is no secret that their platform is the complete repeal of “Obamacare” even with its provisions of allowing people to receive insurance with prior illnesses, getting rebates from insurance companies if they are caught spending too much money on administrative operations instead of health services and most important to our generation: allowing kids to stay on their parents insurance until they are 26 years old.

There are other reasons why we support President Obama over Governor Mitt Romney.  But as highlighted by the aformentioned reasons the Editorial Board feels that President Obama has earned another term as President of the United States of America.