Poem of the Week: Free or False

Emani Jones, For the Eagle Online

People say we are free, but are we really?
Yes, physical slavery is over.
But mental and social slavery aren’t,
Our minds are still under binding shackles.
We don’t want to become a statistic,
Be labeled as a dropout or ignorant.
But we let the way people think of us creep into our thoughts,
And remove the good things we believe in our hearts to be true.
But our minds try to deny,
When you start believing those things.
Your heart begins to harden like a callous rock,
And you lose your identity.
Not only is your mindset messed up,
Your self-respect is lowered.
We let those opinions break us down,
And those opinions cloud our judgment.
And that is added onto the baggage of the world,
We carry around.
Not even burning tears can release it,
The pain is etched within.