Yes, the middle school has a book club, too

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Too many students have been disappointed ever since Mr. Dumbroski’s College-Bound Reading Club was cancelled. Since then, freshman students have found a remedy for their need of book discussions through Mr. Dennlinger and Ms. Sirio’s book clubs, but they left the middle school behind. With all the wonderful new authors pouring in, why shouldn’t they have a place to discuss books too?

Last month, Mr. Chapman approached Ms. Sirio about doing a middle school book group alongside the high school one, and she gladly accepted. Originally certain things needed to be figured out in order for it to come into fruition, but now everything’s solved.

So far eight people already signed up. Last week, seventh graders Arianna Callwood and Allyson Mann came to Ms. Sirio’s office to discuss the mechanics of book club. While there, they learned there would be no cost whatsoever to joining book group. All books are ordered through the Carnegie Library’s system, the only way students would be charged is if they lost or damaged a book. They also learned about the lottery system that made it fair for picking out new books, Arianna said she loved the idea, and it pulled a lot of strain off of her because there would never be any fighting. She and Allyson added their names to the roster.

Strangely enough, the M.S. book club was the first this year to unanimously decide on the first book to read. They didn’t even need a basket! Their first meeting will be January 8, they’ll be reading The Dead and the Gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer. Their goal is to read from a large variety of genres, not only the typical YA novel. Ms. Sirio and Tessa Barber (the East Liberty Librarian) will be their hosts. Their meetings are held on the same day as high school from four to five, directly after the first is over. In a way, high school is like an older sibling to the budding literary league, they’ll have to step it up and show ‘em how to discuss a good book!

Will you be the next to add your name? Or if you’re not in middle school, do you know some who are? Join the M.S. book club or convince others to come, it’ll be a great experience!


Look forward to continuing articles about the high school book club and now the middle school one, too.

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