Welcome German Students!

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Some of you may have noticed there are some new faces at Obama Academy. These faces are the German exchange students who are visiting our school. They hosted some of our students over the summer for three weeks and now it’s their turn to be immersed in a foreign culture. They will be shadowing their host around our school for the next two and a half weeks, during their stay they will have planned events like going on tours and visiting museums, and they have trips. They went to D.C. and next weekend they will be going to New York City. Arthur King, said that he was “happy to see them again,” and he’s missed them since he and other Obama students left Germany. This program is called the German American Partnership program, where it’s a direct exchange between schools. The German exchange students came from Hilda Gymnasium (High school) where our students visited. If you see a new face looking lost and following senior students closely chances are they’re from Germany. They’re English is better than they give themselves credit for, feel free to strike up a converstaioin and learn a new culture. Please make them feel welcome at our school.

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