Get to know the Anime Club!

Emoni Jones, Reporter

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Have you ever watched a cartoon? What about a Japanese cartoon which is more commonly known as anime? Anime is Japanese animated productions featuring hand-drawn or a computer animated cartoon. Anime usually comes in a series of 13 or 26 episodes and has both ‘dubbed’ and ‘subbed’ options. Dubbed anime has English voice actors covering an anime and subbed is in the traditional Japanese language with English subtitles. In anime club, we intend to watch multiple anime series throughout the course of school year.Most anime are produced in Tokyo, Japan. Anime is not only enjoyable, but it is an opportunity to learn a about Japanese culture and language structure.

Anime Club has club every Tuesday during quality resource time. When students sign up for this club, they must sign up for both club days so there is time to fit in as much anime as possible and there is no confusion about what anime we left off on. It would not be fair to others to back track.  Anime is also an art form, specifically animation, which includes all genres found in cinema, but it can be mistakenly classified as a genre. The first format of anime was theatrical viewing which originally began with commercial productions in 1917. The anime club will not only uplift students’ spirits after a dreary day of school, but enlighten them about another culture as well. Come and check out anime some time!

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