STEAM Girls Camp

May 31, 2015

STEAMrolling toward Summer Written By: Maya Lapp   CAPA junior, Samantha Eppinger, approached me about spreading the word about an organization called Girls Bridging Communities™ that she has been involved in organizing....

Advice from Students to Incoming Freshmen

Freshmen students

May 19, 2015

I do wish in the beginning of my freshman year I had had the mindset I have now. I believe nothing is ever impossible if you really work hard to achieve what ever the goal is. I wish I were more focused and more determined, only...

Freshman Offers Advice to New Students

Imani Smith

May 13, 2015

Dear Class of 2019, Attending Obama Academy seemed like a great opportunity for me. Meaning that since a plethora of schools got closed down I could not go to my home school, which was Langley. So then my home school became...

It’s About The Climb

Hannah Torell, Reporter

May 11, 2015

You just have to let go. Once you start letting go, over time, you will slowly let go more and more. Until eventually, you’ll let go completely. And you will be the happiest than you’ve ever been. And sure, sometimes you’ll...

Furious 7 Opens

Mekhi Grimes

April 28, 2015

Furious 7 is the newest installment of The Fast and Furious franchise. This new chapter is all about revenge, family, and brothers parting paths.  After Toretto’s and O’Connor’s escapades in London (Getting Letty and helping...


Hannah Torell, Reporter

March 28, 2015

When I walk down the street, listening to the best music, I dance. I smile. I beam, more like. And people look at me like I'm incredibly insane. For what? For showing genuine emotion outside of my house? People are afraid to ...

Willow’s Way: Part 2

Tayde McDonald, Creative Writer

March 28, 2015

There once was a weeping widow. She remained in a tiny cottage surrounded by a field of trees, where she cried all day long. No matter the day, season, or year, the widow always seemed to be sobbing about something. One day...

Tick Tock

Anonymous, Poet

March 23, 2015

Tick-tock goes the hands on the clock Time is running out I feel my life, my soul, leaving my body Look at what you've done to me Look at what you made me do You never loved me Never appreciated My sacrifices I left...

Willow’s Way: Part 1

Tayde McDonald, Creative Writer

March 19, 2015

There once was a weeping willow. She stood sad and lonely among all the other trees that surrounded her on a tiny hillside, always crying up a river.    What could be hurting her so? Was she sick? Were her roots broken? Were...

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