Saul Bezner: Autumn March

Saul Bezner: Autumn March

November 24, 2013

10 Gay Stereotypes

Elena Matos, Obama Eagle Staff Columnist

November 17, 2013

Gay people. We all know they exist. Some are open, some like to hide. They live around us every day. But our society had set standards and stereotypes for these people, making them seem certain ways just because they are different....

Azurei. A short story.

Tayde McDonald, The Eagle Staff Writer

November 10, 2013

A young forest nymph named Azurei was one of the twenty-two chosen to go on the Seed Spread tonight, the third time since her arrival six moons ago. It was a big job, and her village wasn’t that small, but her group was skilled...

The Broken, Shattered

by Saul Bezner

October 13, 2013

You see their faces on the street. You walk by knowing there is something wrong, but you turn away because it would be easier to ignore them than to help. Their hearts broken, their lives destroyed around them, but...

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