Zodiac Conspiracy Theory

Is Eli Diamont the Zodiac Killer?

Louis Schoen III, Senior Editor in Chief

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Every one knows about the case of the zodiac killer that was never solved but many believed that, previous presidential Republican Candidate  Ted Cruz is to identified as this infamous killer. With his strange looks and…….that s just about it made many Americans believe that he was the killer. Dismissing the fact that Ted Cruz was born the the 70s and the killer became known in 1968, we linger to solve mysteries as Americans and as stupid as it is, we solved the mystery! Now onto the big picture, handsome senior Eli Diamant has been identified as the zodiac killer as well, simply looks. But then that raises question as if Eli is the doppelganger of the infamous Zodiac killer! Many are skeptical as if Eli is our generational Zodiac Killer, judge for yourself.

See pictures Bellow.



Zodiac killer on the Left/ Older Ted Cruz on Right


Young Ted Cruz


Eli Diamant

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Zodiac Conspiracy Theory