2019-2020 Staff

Sam Bisno


“When I was looking at the electives list before school started in ninth grade and I saw the option for a journalism class, I was ecstatic. Writing has always been something that I genuinely enjoy and want to pursue, so when...

Daevan Mangalmurti


"I've been writing for the Eagle since my freshman year, when I took Mr. Denlinger's journalism elective, which I really enjoyed. As an editor I hope to positively contribute to the Eagle's articles and help our writers in any...

Isaac Degenholtz

Website Director

"I’ve always enjoyed building websites. I was very excited to get involved. My teacher, Mr. Denlinger, offered me the position, and it seemed like a great opportunity. Hopefully my changes to the site can make it more appealing...

Jonah Woolley

Politics Writer

"I developed an interest in politics thanks to the 2016 election, as it was just so abnormal and interesting to me. From that, I got interested in journalism, and I found that writing articles was the perfect thing for me, as it ...

Aastha Singh

Technology & Environment Writer

"As a freshman, I was introduced by Mr. Denlinger to the wonderful and diverse art of journalism, a place where words meet the world. Immediately, I was hooked. I joined the Eagle and eventually became their technology & environment...

Dylan Shapiro

Education Writer

"I believe that without journalism, society could not function with the level of freedom it does now, as there would not be a free exchange of information, and thus nobody keeping the government from abusing its power."

Pittsburgh Barack Obama Academy of International Studies