Hope LeGrande

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Why can’t I just be me?

Instead of a lie you force feed


Why can’t I wear out my hair?

Not without stereotypes and sneaking stares?

Why do I have to act a different way,

And live by what you say, in order

For me to live properly,

But be that as it may,

It’s not proper,

At least by definition,

Something right, but why is it bad to be as dark as night?

There is no properly, there’s just being yourself, and me being me.

That’s what I was taught, but behind the words, there’s a new meaning.

You say be free, but straighten your hair.

Be yourself, but not too loud,

You disregard my traits which you see as flaws,

And you do it without a care, as if it were normal.

And it might be, and that’s not properly.

Why can’t I go into a nice neighborhood without someone’s sideway glance,

Why can’t I do that, because I don’t SEEM as advanced,

Why can’t I go out into my own street, because you never know what I can conceal within my hands

It gets kind of hard, to be judged by something else than you,

And then to use it to define you?

How is that possible, and yet there it is.

When in order to be able to be you, and I mean staying alive,

You have to be someone else.

Why can’t I JUST be me?

That’s my definition of properly.

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