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This topic is somewhat like my other articles; it has to do with life whereas the first article I did was about reading an amazing series. Anyways, I bet you can take a really good guess about what this article is about. If you do, great, but if you don’t, you might want to read the title. Without further ado, the actual article.

Being yourself is probably the most important thing to do in life. Being someone totally different to get attention or be popular is not important in real life. The important thing to do is to be your true self. If you want to express your feelings, do so, but in your own style. Don’t be someone different to catch someone’s attention or bump up in the popular list. Be yourself, live life the way you want to; not the way everyone else is. Do activities you actually want to do, don’t just do an activity because someone you like does that activity. Live your life in the style you want and dress the way you want. Don’t wear stuff that you don’t even like just because it is popular or in style nowadays.

Also, act the way you want. Not to be obnoxious and loud to get yourself attention from people or teachers. The best way to get someone’s attention is to be quiet and calm. The teacher’s notice the quiet, well behaved and calm kids in better ways than they do with the obnoxious kids. Teachers have backed up that statement themselves. Some kids I know act differently to get attention, but deep down they are really nice and sweet people. Being yourself will catch people’s eyes and they will learn to like you for you, not some outer show you put on. If you have hidden talents you keep secret in fear of being judged, show them. For all you know, your life could change drastically in good or bad ways. Try to always hold your head high and shoulders back. Don’t slouch or look at the ground more than you do to observe the area surrounding you.

All I can say is….. BE YOUR TRUE SELF!!! It will make your life better because you won’t be holding in as much stuff as you do if you act differently.

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Be Yourself